Ser-coating®FC pre-coated metal strips for metal bipolar plates

Targeting PEM fuel cells and water electrolyzers, we have developed high-performance metal-based new materials. Through the “R2R” multi-layer nanomaterial deposition technology in a non-vacuum environment, the composite coating which firmly grows on the metal surface can ensure that the performance of the electrode material in the electrochemical working environment will not significantly decrease. Even amid high-temperature acid electrolytes, Ser-coating®FC pre-coated materials still maintain high electrical performance, electrochemical stability and durability.

Ser-coating®FC pre-coated metal strips can perfectly fit a great variety of forming processes. In order to give full play to the performance of the material, the coating must be well protected, especially during the stamping process. We can provide some effective protection measures and find the best solutions for future low-cost, large-scale production.


Ser-coating®FC pre-coated metal strips boast low sheet & bulk resistance.

在质子交换膜燃料电池(PEMFC)情况中,由Ser-coating®FC 预涂层金属卷带制成的金属双极板具有高导电率和低界面接触电阻。

In the PEMFC environment, the metal bipolar plates made of Ser-coating®FC pre-coated materials have high conductivity and low ICR.

In the electrochemical environment of PEMFC, the corrosion current produced with Ser-coating®FC pre-coated metal strips turn out very low.

Current density

DOE 2020 Target

I <1μA/cm2


I ~0.4μA/cm2

Test conditions

pH 3, 0.1 ppm HF, 1M H?SO?, 80, -0.2~+0.6V for 24h

Although being able to produce in small volumes at present, we are well-prepared to increase our production capacity to meet the market demand.

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