Ser-coating®FC is a precoated metal strip, specifically developed for the mass production of hydrogen fuel cell metal bipolar plates (MBPPs). Through YOOGLE’s innovative material process and technology, the MBPPs made of Ser-coating®FC materials are guaranteed with long-term stable performance as well as a service life close to that of graphite bipolar plates.


Simplifying the production process of MBPP, YOOGLE Ser-coating®FC ONE-STOP material technology 
shortens the delivery time, reduces the production costs, and avoids quality control risks!

Optimizing the material system of non-precious metals, we’ve struck a good balance among
electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and production cost through an innovative process, which will help users achieve the most ideal metal bipolar plates.

Ser-coating®FC耐腐化性 Corrosion Resistance


In the rigorous electrochemical environment of PEMFC, Ser-coating®FC materials boast very low corrosion current density.


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